Posted on Feb 27, 2017

Alberta Child Benefit

Working to make Life Better for Alberta Families

The Alberta Child Benefit (ACB) is just one way we are working to make life better for Alberta families. Families received their most recent Alberta Child Benefit payment this month (February 2017). About 110 000 families received their first payment of the ACB on August 1st, 2016 and their second payment in November, 2016.

This benefit provides direct financial assistance to lower-income families with children under 18. All families earning less than $41220/year in net income, including those receiving AISH and Income Support, are eligible. The ACB provides $195 million in annual benefits to up to 235 000 children in up to 130 000 families across the province. All you need to do to apply is file your taxes.

These extra funds will increase spending power for parents, and make it easier to the meet the needs of their families. This money will also come back into our local economy, supporting local businesses.